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Who am I? I'm just a comic enthusiast, like any other, who likes to be organized.


After using several other comic book pull list generators on the internet, I got kind of frustrated. Sure, I had a pull-list to take with me to the store each week, but it was just that. A flat list. Plus, the best generator I found listed each and every publisher and title on one page, which meant I had to SCROLL and SCROLL and SCROLL to find the titles I was interested in.

Then, after my list was printed, I'd manually go back and total up how many comics I had, and then I'd even go through and manually add up the prices, so I had an idea of what I was spending at the store.

Then it hit me. Why am I doing this, when I could have a program do it all for me? So, being the computer geek I am, I sat down and wrote what I am convinced is the easiest pick-list generator around.  I took everything I hated about the process and created something I absolutely love.

So take a look around. If you know of a tool that we could add to our site, or have a suggestion or request, please drop a message on the CONTACT US page!


P.S. - I'd like to throw out a special thanks to the folks over at comiclist.com for thier weekly RSS Feed, that this tool uses to populate its weekly lists. Thanks, guys!


Current List: 12/13/17
Publishers: 61
Items: 502

Lists Created: 2
Items Picked: 32

Lists Created: 3026
Items Picked: 36740

Weeks Archived: 477

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