Comic Archive now allows pick list generation

Good news!  We just finished re-designing the Comic Book Archive to match the new look and feel of our newly redesigned website.  But while we were in there, we decided to enhance it based on numerous requests from our visitors.


Have you ever missed comic day and planned on going next week?  What happens if you had forgotten to make this week's picklist before the next week rolled around?  Well, you decided to get both weeks comics at the same time but could only print a picklist for the current week.


Not any longer!  The archive section now has the logic to create a pull list for any week in our archive.  For whatever the reason, create a list of comics after the fact with this new enhancement to our website.


Current List: 12/13/17
Publishers: 61
Items: 502

Lists Created: 2
Items Picked: 32

Lists Created: 3026
Items Picked: 36740

Weeks Archived: 477

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