Our Weekly Comic Book Archive is now operational

We've finally finished porting over the base logic and our Weekly Comic Book Archive is once again operational.  This is the same archive that we had on our original site, and still contains the same historical data as before.


Though it is working, it is not complete.  Over the next few weeks we will start be re-skinning it to match our new website design.  Once complete, we're going to take it a step further and allow you to create pull-lists from the archives, just like you can from the current week.  How many times have you missed creating a pull list one week, and been too late the next week before the new data was loaded?  Once our re-write is done, this will no longer be an issue!



Current List: 01/17/18
Publishers: 60
Items: 345

Lists Created: 1
Items Picked: 15

Lists Created: 3034
Items Picked: 36867

Weeks Archived: 482

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